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Already in his early youth Erik Staub discovered his love and talent for art,
mostly in form of sculptures. Always in search of new ways of expression he
tried photography as new medium and passion, perfect to show his love for the
female form. From here it was only a small step to painted art.

Through his contact to JOHN BOLTON, one of the worlds finest artist, Erik Staub
was able to extent his artistic talent.

„I’m proud that I learned from on of the best – John Bolton!”

The art of Erik Staub shows his dreams, caught on paper, photos or in sculptors.
His favourite is the feminine representation, which is easily shown in every aspect
of his art.

Erik Staub`s art and sculptors were and are showcased in Berlin, Frankfurt and
all over Germany in several Gallery’s, his work published in magazines and books.
Erik Staub did commissions for CD-Covers, Posters, Advertisement and TV, he also
worked as a sculptor for H.R.GIGER who said that Erik is on of the best sculptors
he ever worked with.

Erik Staub is also an art teacher on the Art school in Offenbach, Germany.
His resent work was his first comic “Der Kosmopolit” as well as working on more
comic art and covers, soon to be shown.